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Authentic Maryland Crab Cakes, Hand-Made Daily & Shipped Fresh Overnight

Jumbo Crab Cakes Large Crab Cakes - 8oz from Angelinas
Starting at $18.95 each
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Medium Crab Cakes
Medium Crab Cakes from Angelina's - 4oz
Starting at $9.95 each
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Small Crab Cakes Small Crab Cakes - Crab Balls from Angelinas. The perfect appetizer
Starting at $3.95 each
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Why are Angelina's Crabcakes the Best?

Angelina's crabcakes are made from 100% domestic US Blue Crab using only 100% jumbo lump crabmeat and very little filler - only as much as is necessary to hold the cake together. This means our Maryland crabcakes are about 85% Jumbo Lump Crab Meat of the finest quality. Our crabcakes are shipped fresh, overnight, and are NEVER frozen. Our crabcakes are made in small batches by hand using Angelina's legendary award-winning recipe with over 50 years of tradition. Angelina's has won over 30 awards for their Maryland crabcakes, including Best of Baltimore 16 times! Order today and find out why!

Finding yourself in search of the perfect authentic Maryland crab cake recipe? Why bother! Skip the running around to purchase top quality jumbo lump blue crab meat and other crab cake ingredients, and order today from Angelina's!
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